Beneteau Oceanis 51.1

A sailboat built by Bénéteau.


The Oceanis 51.1 is a comfortable and sporty cruiser.



The number and arrangement of hulls.
The shape of the underwater portion of the hull(s).
The material the hull(s) of the boat is made out of.
Fiberglass (GRP)
The material used between layers of the deck to increase stiffness or reduce weight.
Synthetic Foam
The material used between layers of the hull to increase stiffness or reduce weight.
Balsa Wood
Total weight of the vessel when unloaded.
30710 lbs
Total weight of the vessel’s ballast, if any.
7945 lbs
The material used for ballast.
Cast Iron
: Bulb
: No
: No
: Spade
: Yes


The overall length of the boat, including any bow sprits, davits, solar panels, and other protuberances. This is the length marinas typically charge for.
50 ft 7 in
The length of the hull along the waterline. This length is significant for calculating the performance of the boat.
47 ft 8 in
The length of the hull along the deck. This generally excludes bowsprits, davits, solar panels, etc.
49 ft 2 in
The width of the boat at its widest point.
15 ft 9 in
The shallowest water the boat can travel through without running aground (i.e. the deepest point of the boat below the waterline).
6 ft 4 in
The shortest bridge the boat can fit under (i.e. how tall the boat is above the waterline, also known as the “air draft”).
70 ft 3 in


The number of engines or motors that provide propulsion in the forward direction.
Specifications of the engine.
: Yanmar
: Diesel
: 80 hp
Total volume of the fuel tank(s).
53 gal
: No
: No


Equipped with running fresh water.
Equipped with running hot water.
Equipped with some form of a shower.
Equipped with a dedicated shower stall.
Total volume of the fresh water tank(s).
116 gal
Total volume of the waste (black water) holding tank(s).
42 gal


Equipped with a galley.
: 2
: Yes
: Propane (LPG)
: Yes
: Yes
: Electric (DC)

Sails & Rigging

The arrangement of masts and sails.
The material the mast(s) are made out of.
The material and form of the mast supports.
Stainless Steel Wire
Location where the base of the mast is supported by the boat’s structure.
Deck Stepped


Equipped with a shore power connection.
120 V
60 Hz
Amount of power that can be stored in the “house” battery bank.
3360 Wh