New Boat

Add the details about a boat you're interested in. SailsGoal will keep track of it for you and estimate your cost of ownership.

The make (manufacturer) of the boat.
The model of the boat. Many manufacturers simply use the length of the boat as the model name.
The year the boat was built.
The overall length of the boat, including any bow sprits, davits, solar panels, and other protuberances. This is the length marinas typically charge for.
 ft  in
Optional Info
The name of the boat. Useful to tell apart multiple boats of the same model.
The length of the hull along the deck. This generally excludes bowsprits, davits, solar panels, etc.
 ft  in
The length of the hull along the waterline. This length is significant for calculating the performance of the boat.
 ft  in
The width of the boat at its widest point.
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