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A sailboat approaching Boston at sunset

How to buy a used boat, part 2: Yacht Brokers

It’s almost time for you to start touring boats, but first you might want to engage some professional help: a yacht broker. I’ll tell you what a yacht broker does, help you decide if you want to (or can) use one, and offer some advice on how to choose one that’s right for you.

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Severely chafed dock lines

Taking the chafe, jerk, and squeak out of dock lines

Dock lines are subjected to stretch and motion with every wave and gust of wind that hits your boat. This can result in lines wearing out, causing noise, and allowing unwanted motion. In this article, I’ll show you some common approaches to dealing with these problems and tell you my personal favorite solution.

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Your boat is an overlooked survival tool

Boats are a prepper's wet dream: consider outfitting your boat as an emergency shelter.

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An in-water boat show

5 things to know before attending a boat show

Boat show season is upon us! Before you head out, you should prepare. Here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of a boat show.

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Performing a fuel filter change

Estimating Boat Maintenance Costs

There are a couple of common rules of thumb for estimating annual boat maintenance expenses: 10% of the used purchase price, or 2% of the original purchase price. I applied a little science to figure out if they actually work.

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A tropical pier

How to buy a used boat, part 1: Getting ready

No doubt you’re eager to get looking at all the beautiful boats, but first you should figure out what you want to buy -- every step of the buying process is going to be influenced by it. This article guides you through the questions you should ask yourself before beginning the search in earnest.

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A sailboat out of the water undergoing a survey

Why you need a survey

Most people who are in the market to buy a boat have heard they should get a survey. However, not everyone knows why. Read on to find out about the survey process, how much it costs, and why you should really get one!

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A marina full of sailboats at night

How Marina Pricing Works

For those unfamiliar with boating, the first look at a marina rate sheet can be confusing. Even for the more experienced, it can be a surprise when you arrive someplace far from home and find that they do things just a little differently.

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